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The following video is a 33 minute documentary on the always controversial subject of abortion. What caused these people to go from being pro-abortion to pro-life within a matter of minutes? Whatever your views on the subject are, I highly recommend you watch. It is 33 minutes that could well change your life.

Following the link are some of my own comments on the video and its subject matter.

(WARNING: Some graphic images are used.)

(SPOILER ALERT: If you haven’t watched the video yet, I recommend you do so before reading my comments)

I admit I have some mixed feelings about this documentary. On the one hand I think it’s wonderful. The production quality is outstanding, the interactions with the people on the street seem very productive. The connection that is made between The Holocaust of World War II and the modern Abortion Holocaust truly seemed to resonate with those that appear in the film. Ray Comfort can use to great effect what is called the “Presuppositional” approach to discussions about spiritual things. He doesn’t argue for God’s existence with these people, he just assumes it to be true and then uses the 10 Commandments as a sort of mirror for these people to evaluate themselves against. This method can be very successful, but I don’t believe it’s the only tactic to use – nor should it be. You need to have a special kind of temperament and personality to exercise it properly. Ray Comfort is the kind of person who can.

Having said all that, I was a little disappointed with it. Although the approach he used seemed to be effective with those who appeared in the film, I’m curious about the others he may have spoken to on the street that weren’t persuaded by it. I’m sure there were plenty. I wasn’t entirely persuaded by it myself. Although the comparison between the Nazi Holocaust is certainly accurate, it is only accurate if you have already demonstrated that an actual human life is involved in both circumstances. Those who appeared in the video readily acknowledged that it’s a “baby” or “child” in the womb, but it was never demonstrated that an unborn child is, in fact, a human life. I know that some people who are pro-abortion would not see the parallel between what happened to the Jews in Nazi Germany and what is happening in the wombs of women all over the world, because they don’t believe what is in the womb is a human life that needs to be protected. To them, there is no comparison. So when it comes to the topic of abortion, the most fundamental question that needs to be answered is “What is the unborn?” If it is not a human life, no justification for abortion is necessary – have as many as you want. But if the unborn IS a human life, then no justification for elective abortion is adequate.

When it comes down to it, my critique is simply that Ray Comfort started in the wrong place. He should have first answered the “What is it?” question before moving on to his very accurate analogy. In all fairness, I felt he came very close to addressing this with the use of an animation, but it would have been as simple as appealing to the science of embryology in his actual discussions. Once that question was effectively answered, I believe his approach would have been effective with a lot more people.

(In a future post I will go into more detail on a particular argument that I believe will be very helpful in your conversations regarding abortion. Stay tuned! If you would like to purchase copies of the 180 Documentary as a tool to educate others, you can do so here.)